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Maui Nui Marine Resource Council

Our First Donation

Our first donation of $400 has been completed! Months were spent deciding what non-profit organization SPF805 should donate to first. I wanted this donation to go right to the ocean, to positively benefit the coral reefs. After talking with multiple organizations, all of which would use the donated money in a beneficial way, I came across one non-profit that felt special to the mission of SPF805. This organization is the Maui Nui Marine Resource Council. Thank you for not only supporting my passion project, SPF805, but for giving back to the coral reefs as well. Let's continue to become educated on the ocean & get ready for another donation! 

Maui Nui Marine Resource Council

As a Maui-based nonprofit, this organization focuses on the goal of clean ocean water, healthy coral reefs, and thriving native fish. Maui Nui is a part of a water quality testing program that tests the turbidity, nutrients, and ocean chemistry in the water at 20 different locations on the island. Maui Nui also works to create a protection and restoration plan to guide local actions to benefit the ocean. The team works to educate residents and Maui visitors about the importance of using reef-safe products. 


Visiting the Island

Growing up spending my summers on the island of Maui, this organization has a special place in my heart. This summer, I was given the opportunity to meet up with the Maui Nui team. I told them my story, but more importantly, got to listen to theirs. The time and effort they put into making a beneficial impact on the coral reefs and sea life were incredible to hear about. I explored new beaches, listened to stories, and learned so many new facts about how human actions affect the ocean. The Maui Nui team is a group of people I am so grateful I crossed paths with, as they share the same passion that I for the ocean, do what I am passionate about, and hope others will join in as well. 



Honolua Bay was our first stop of the day. Liz, a member of Maui Nui, and I took a sample of water from the ocean that will then be sent to a lab in O'ahu to test the water quality

Here, I'm filtering out any sand particles to get the water into its purest form. This is essential to ensure only the most accurate results are recieved

In 2020, Maui Nui placed these "Protect Maui's Coral Reef" signs at 39 Maui beaches. They are filled with information on coral reefs

Visit the website below to read more about this organization

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